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About Pams Publication

Pams Publications Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading publishing houses which came up with exclusive publishing for new generation authors. We focus on making and reshaping amateur authors renowned ones by reshaping their stories through papyrus book club membership. Our authors have won accolades to have been published in our upcoming book and getting their due credit leading themselves on a road to fame. We have made ourselves visible with Inkspire litfest held a t kasauli.
5000 Copies of Lyf Ki Rumlila have been sold and have been placed at the best stores of Delhi. We publish all genres of books, main segments being Fiction, Non-Ficton, Health, Biography,History, Religion, Aviation,lifestyle.politics and children books. We have exclusive school books which can be designed by the school as per their requirement.
Pams Publications is By the author, for the author, of the author. We create authors at the most reasonable rate in the market. Most of the genres covered with us are well appreciated by the audience and Papyrus Book Club Members

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Force Behind Pam's Publication

I started my career with Sahara India Parivaar as a Cabin Crew. I had the opportunity to work with the best professionals of the Industry and Sahara India Airlines groomed me to this day. In 1994 they taught me how to be the queen of the skies. I had a stint with International Airlines and then with Alliance Air as a Flight Operations Quality Assurance Inspector.

In recognition of my tireless and continuous small efforts in addressing and raising awareness about issues of crime against women the numbers are growing. I’m running a page called ‘Fight Against Abuse’ on Facebook since the year 2015. In my endeavour to reach here I have been training women in different parts of India. Starting Kashmir in the year 2002. I transformed them to be full time Beauticians and earning ladies. I conducted this full course in a minimal amount of INR 175/- for six months. With the cash collected I bought them cosmetics for practise. In my constant effort to make women financially independent I was awarded by The Indian Airforce in the year 2013 as the ‘Best Sangini’. I have achieved this hallmark in eleven years by doing a ‘Self Less Service’ and I maintained ‘Service Before Self’ Motto.

I have done an Advanced Diploma In Cosmetology from VLCC. I’m certified to do international hair cuts by City And Guilds U.K.

In my further journey to reach out more people I registered a publishing house Pams Publications Pvt. Ltd.and became a certified memory skills expert. I have published two books.

1) A Handbook of Student Success
2) Lyf Ki Rumlila
I have two websites www.pamspublications.com

I volunteered to train and teach weak students free and donated my books for them to learn memory skills for better grades. I provided them support by free classroom sessions and taught them speed reading for better grades and comprehension of subjects. My second book ‘Lyf Ki Rumlila’ where daily domestic problems were addressed. I donated five hundred copies. I was felicitated by Mr. Ram Naik Honourable Governor of Uttar Pradesh for the same. I have written in Jan Sandesh Times, Rashtriya Sahara in Gorakhpur. I have also been featured in Dainik Jgran.

In addition to my social service cause, I contributed towards cleanliness on streets and educated people on environment friendly behaviour. I was invited by Mr. Sandeep Marwah on World Environment Day on 5th June 2017 at Marwah Studios as a speaker in the forum to bring about positive changes to become more environment friendly on world environment day.

I strive to utilize every opportunity to help more and more people. Being a passionate learner, I completed a course in Naturopathy and Yoga. I have voluntarily done free consultations for sick patients and cured more than 100 patients for various ailments where allopathy wasn’t working. I have also conducted Yoga camps free. I conducted free counselling sessions for yoga and its benefits. In 2017 I was awarded Superwoman Faces of Passionate Talents award for contributing my bit to our society in India. I’m into a double degree program from Amity University. Journalism and Mass Communication and English Literature. I run a book Club membership with my publishing house. I’m working towards water conservation actively in Noida. I’m a finalist of Haut Monde Mrs. India World Wide 2019. I’m chosen out of 3,00,000 contestants. I’m going to Greece to contest with 172 participants. My achievement in Haut Monde Mrs. India WorldWide is Mrs. Content Creator Haut Monde Mrs. India world Wide 2019 I won a crown for being a creator.

My life’s motto- ‘Spread Positivity’

Social Causes